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Face scrubs and body scrubs are essential in any beauty treatment. Using artificial facial scrubs and body scrubs, available in the market can be harmful for skin, as they may contain harmful chemicals. It is always advisable to use natural homemade face masks to exfoliate skin. Natural Homemade face scrubs are very effective, harmless and also cost effective. Read on following 5 natural homemade face scrubs and body scrubs and get naturally fair and glowing skin.
Scrubbing is considered as the second step after cleansing in any beauty treatment. A facial scrub removes dead cells and all the dirt particles

from the skin. Facial scrubbers cleans the skin very deeply and also helps in removing blackheads .Natural homemade facial scrub is a far better option than the artificial face scrubs available in market. Natural homemade scrubs are more effective and also they didn’t contain any toxic chemicals. Another advantage is that homemade facial scrubs can be prepared at home by easily available ingredients from your own kitchen and hence are very cost effective. You can prepare face masks to exfoliate skin a fresh for every use. While preparing your own home made facial scrub, you should first check your skin type. Facial skin requires special care and is very delicate. So special care should be taken in the application of facial scrub, which suites your skin type. Read the following Homemade face scrubs and body scrubs recipes and choose one according to your skin type to get a fair and glowing skin naturally.

Natural homemade face scrubs using sugar
Sugar contains glycolic acid that exfoliates skin i.e. it removes dead cells from skin and pave the way for the regeneration of new skin. Sugar also contains anti aging properties. Sugar is very effective and is a basic ingredient in many homemade facial scrubs. It leaves the skin baby soft after use.
Sugar can be used as it is for scrubbing your face. Wash your face with warm water. Wet your hands with lukewarm water and take sugar (brown or white) in it. Now massage your face gently with your palm in circular motion. Leave it for 10 minutes and then massage again by wet hands to remove the dead skin cells. After that wash face with lukewarm water. You will found a smooth and supple skin. This homemade sugar facial scrub can be used on face, neck, elbows and all over your body.
Lemon can be added to sugar while scrubbing. Lemon contains anti tanning properties. Adding lemon to the natural homemade sugar facial and body scrub also lightens your skin tone.
Instead of lemon you can add honey(1/4 teaspoon) and orange juice(2 tablespoon) to sugar(1 tablespoon) as your facial scrubber. Orange juice lightens the skin color as well as give a special radiant tone to your skin. Honey moisturizes the skin. It is an excellent homemade scrub to get a fair and glowing skin.

Adding yogurt (1 tablespoon) to sugar and honey also works very well. This sugar scrub recipe will clean, tones and soothes your skin.
To make the sugar scrub recipe compete you need to make a little amendment in it. Take the following ingredients to make a face and body scrub:-
3 tablespoon of milk
2 bowls of sugar
½ tablespoon of olive oil
1 tablespoon honey
Mix all the ingredients to make a smooth paste. Apply on the face and whole of your body. Gently massage in circular motion and leave for 10 minutes. Massage again so that the face mask can exfoliate the skin and after that wash with cold and lukewarm water alternatively. This homemade scrub can be refrigerated for multiple use.
Instead of milk you can also try adding aloe vera gel to this scrub. Aloe vera gel penetrates deeply to the skin. It moisturizes and hydrates your skin very effectively.

Natural homemade facial scrub using Oat meal
Oat meal serves as an excellent face scrub. Besides being granular it also absorbs and remove surface dirt and impurities and hence it’s the best face mask to exfoliate skin. It is a blessing for oily and acne prone skin due to its oil absorbing properties. Oatmeal is also medically proven to heal dry and itching skin.
While using oatmeal as your homemade facial scrub the first step is to clean your skin with lukewarm water. Mix oatmeal and water in a bowl to make a paste. Apply on your face and gently massage in circular directions. Leave for 10 minutes. . Massage again so that the face mask can exfoliate the skin. After that wash the face with lukewarm water and dab with a washcloth. Feel your skin after this. You will find it smooth and silky and get a fair and glowing skin.
You can also use milk instead of water to make your facial scrub more effective. Milk is a wonderful cleansing agent. It also lightens the skin tone and makes it smoother. It makes your skin a fair and glowing . For dry

skin you can add a little honey in the mixture.
Oatmeal and yogurt if used together can do wonders for the acne prone skin. Mix one tablespoon of oatmeal and one tablespoon of yogurt to make a face mask. Apply on the face as stated above. It is a very effective face scrub for oily and acne prone skin. If your skin is dry but is acne prone you can add half a tablespoon of almond oil in this oatmeal and yogurt facial scrub. Addition of almond oil makes it a perfect homemade scrub for dry and acne prone skin.
One can also try grapefruit juice in oatmeal and use as facial scrub. As grapefruit is a citrus fruit it will stimulate your skin tone.
If you want to rejuvenate your skin use the following face mask as a face and body scrub:-
1 bowl of dried orange peel
1 bowl of oatmeal
2 tablespoon of grounded almonds
1 teaspoon of sweet oil essential oil
Mix all the above ingredients by putting them in a food processor to make a paste(you can add some water). Apply on your skin and gently massage in circular motion so that the face mask can exfoliate the skin. Wait for 10 minutes. Wash with water. Use in as a face scrub or body scrub.

Natural Homemade facial scrub using Almonds
Almonds are widely used in beauty products due to its skin healing properties. Almonds contain vitamin-E which is an antioxidant great for skin. Vitamin -E also protects the skin from sun damage. They also contain a lot of monounsaturated fat hence act as great moisturizer.
For using almonds as a facial scrub finely grind a handful of almonds. Mix it with water. Cleanse your skin with water and a light cleanser. Gently massage the face scrub on your face in circular motion. Leave for 10 minutes and then massage again to help the face mask exfoliate skin. Wash your face. Almond homemade scrub makes your skin silky soft and gives a shine to your face. It also helps in lightning skin tone and helps you get a fair and glowing skin.
For oily and acne prone skin you can add tomato pulp to freshly crushed almonds. Massage it on your face for and leave it till dry. Remove with cotton pad dip in water. Wipe off with wet cloth. It closes down the open pores of oily skin. Tomato tightens and tones the skin. This facial scrub and body scrub can be used daily in summer.
For dry skin add some drops of honey and milk. Honey moisturizes the skin.

Natural homemade facial scrub using rice
Grind some rice in the mixer. Make fine powder. Mix it with milk and apply on the face. Massage gently in circular motion for three minutes. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water. An excellent face scrub , rice removes dirt, dead cells and exfoliates the skin . It removes makeup too and milk moisturises, cleanse and lightens the skin tone. For dry skin you should use full cream milk. This face scrub and body scrub is safe for using daily.
For combination skin you can add lacto-calamine with rice powder and use this face mask as face and body scrub.

Natural homemade facial scrub using walnut
Walnut homemade facial scrub is very effective for normal and combination skin. It exfoliate the old and dry skin. Crush walnut and add yogurt in it to make a paste. Apply and massage gently. Wait till dry and wash with water. Yogurt soothes and moisturises the skin.
Alternate recipe is to mix honey and lemon juice of equal amount in the finely grounded walnut powder. Honey moisturises and lemon lightens the tanned skin and gives you a fair and glowing skin.
All the above homemade face scrub and body scrub face mask recipes does wonders to your skin, if used regularly. Your skin will become smooth and supple. Your skin will become free from any impurities. You will get a fair and glowing skin naturally at home.




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