Addiction | Overcoming Addiction Through Meditation Technique

Addiction may be of any thing like alcohol , cigarette ,eating, drinking, money, relationships, shopping, power etc..Today it seems that addiction can be of anything. The reason for addiction is inner emptiness that we try to fill with external things. The addiction of anything gradually decreases the will power of the person. The power of taking decision of one’s own life is affected. Which in turn causes depression and anxiety.
As mentioned above the reason behind addiction of any material thing is inner emptiness. Now when inner void is filled we no longer depend on any external thing to satisfy

ourselves. Following are some examples of lack of spiritual needs(love, respect ,peace, power) which can lead to certail additions.
Want of confidence determination and security  : Addiction of alcohol.
Want of peace and relaxation  : Addiction of Cigarette.
Want of love, sweetness, tenderness : Addiction of sugar, chocolate or sweets.
Want of energy and inner strength: Addiction of coffee and tea.

In order to get rid from addiction we need to work on the spiritual need that we try to satisfy with the addiction(material thing).  If anyone feels confident after drinking alcohol in actual he needs he needs internal determination. Drinking alcohol in actual decreases our confidence level.
Following  is the meditation technique for  increasing confidence and determination.
1. Think yourself

as a spiritual being(a point of light) detached from the body sitting between the eyebrows.
2. Now start observing your thoughts . Think yourself as the master of your thoughts.
3. Now feel if you are a powerful soul full of confidence.
4. Rays of power are coming out of you.
5. You are full of determination. You have the power to do anything you want.
6. Now feel is you are sitting in front of God(also a point of light having unlimited power)
7. Rays of power and determination is coming from God to you.
8. You are absorbing these rays in you. You are feeling more confident and determined.
9. Stay will this feeling as long you can.
By practising the above meditation technique we can be full of  confidence and determination and can came out of the addiction of drinking alcohol. After that we no longer had the urge to drink.  In the same way we can inculcate the other spiritual qualities so that we can feel satisfied and happy. We can find all our needs in our inner self. Our inner needs are deeper and no external or material things can satisfy them.

Article Written By deepti_bindra

I am a working woman and writes for expertscolumn.

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