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Fair, smooth and even coloured skin is every women desire. Bleaching is one of the beauty treatment commonly used to get fair and even coloured skin Bleaching is a process of lightning facial hairs as well as removing any dark spots on the face. It also helps in whitening your skin. But bleaching is a process to be done by utmost care. More over one should carefully choose the type of bleach according to the nature of the skin. Following are the procedures and precautions one should take while bleaching.

1. Selection of bleach:-
     The very first and

one of the most important step while bleaching is the selection of the bleach. There are
two types of bleaches available in the market.

1. Powdered bleach :- While using powdered bleach you have to add bleaching powder, liquid hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. As the effect of powdered bleach is very high one should use powdered bleach only for bleaching dark spots and freckles.
2. Milk bleach :- If you have a sensitive skin and you want to bleach whole face you can use milk bleach. It is made of milk powder can be used by mixing ammonia.
3. Oxy-Bleach:- Oxy bleach is the latest variety of bleach which is said to be the safest bleach ever. It comes with a pre bleach cream which forms a protective shield on your skin. Oxy – bleach revives the skin by the oxygen and gives your pale skin an instant glow.
4. Soap flakes bleach:- This kind of bleach is best suited for oily skin. As oily skin are prone to acne and pimples soap flake bleach comes in the form of soap with antibacterial properties. It is to be used as soap.
5. Aloevera bleach:- Bleaching on an aged skin makes it sagging. So instead of ammonia based bleach cream on should use aloevera bleach. It keeps the moisture of the skin intact.
6. Oil based bleach cream bleach: Dry skin oil based bleach is best as it comes in the form of crystals and keeps the moisture balance of your skin.

2. Patch test:-
After selecting the type of bleach you are using you must take a patch test before applying bleach your face. Apply the bleach on a small patch of you elbow or behind you ears. Now watch if it is causing any kind of allergy or reddens on your skin. If there is any kind of allergy drop the idea of using a chemical bleach. Then you should go for natural homemade bleach for skin whitening.

3. Clean your facial skin:-
If your skin passes the patch test clean your skin washing your face with cool water and gentle face wash. Never use hot water or exfoliate your skin as it will open the pores of your skin which in turn could harm your skin.

4. Make a paste :-
Make the paste only when you are ready to apply it on your face. Mix the cream and the powder only as directed. Don’t alter the ratio as altering could harm your skin. More over only mix the right quantity because the leftover is of no use.

5. Apply the paste :-
Apply the paste on your face in downward motion. Avoid area near eyes, eyebrows and lips. Don’t rub or scrub. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes depending upon the colour of your skin. If you have a dark complexion apply for lesser time longer time will lighten the colour of your facial hairs more than your skin tone, which will look odd.

6. Check and remove the bleach:-
See a small portion of your skin by removing the bleach if you got the desired colour. If yes remove the bleach by washing with cold water and wipe the face.

7. Apply moisturiser:-
Bleaching process takes away the moisture of your skin and can make it dry so ensure to apply an unscented moisturiser or body lotion always after the bleaching process.

Side effects of Bleaching:-
1. It can let to burned skin or irruptions on skin if not used carefully. The quantity of activator must be according to guidelines.
2. Keeping bleach more than 15 minutes can also harm your skin, be sure to remove the bleach from your face within 15 minutes.
3. Bleaching should be done not more than once in 15 days. In addition to this regular bleaching takes away the glow from the face and gives it a pale

shade. But not to worry. For regular use you can use homemade facial bleach. While chemical bleach gives you an instant fairness. Homemade bleach may take its time but it can be used regularly and it is safe for use. Moreover homemade bleach will also give you a glowing face.
4. Don’t bleach if you are pregnant or breast feeding your child. As chemicals( hydrogen peroxide or mercury) travel from your skin to your blood and can the fetus.
5. Stay away from sun before and after bleaching. As it will minimise the effect of bleaching.
6. Never bleach after facial. It will take away all your glow.

So want to try homemade bleach. Here are some recopies of some homemade bleaches which you can prepare easily at home, are cheap and 100% safe for use i.e. these homemade bleaches have no side effect at all.
1. Lime juice and honey homemade facial bleach:-
Lime is a citrus fruit and hence has skin lightening effect. Mix lime juice and honey to make a thick facial paste. Apply this paste on your face for 20 minutes. After that rinse your face with cold water. As this is a mild bleach so you have to do this bleach a couple of time to effectively lighten the colour of your hair. But this is a great skin tonic. It will also leave your skin glowing.
2 . Tomato and lime juice homemade facial bleach:-
For more quick results slush a tomato and mix lime juice in it. Apply on your face and wait
for fifteen minutes. As it is a highly acidic mixture it will give you very quick results and helps
in skin whitening.
3. Olive oil and sugar homemade facial bleach:-
Take some virgin olive oil and mix some sugar in it. Keep it for 5 minutes and after that apply in your face. It is also a very effective homemade facial bleach. In addition to lightening your skin and hair colour it gives your skin all nourishment it needs. This homemade bleach is best suited for dry skin.
4. Turmeric and lime juice homemade facial bleach:-
Turmeric is famous for its medicinal qualities. In addition to these it is also a very good skin lightening agent because it is a highly acidic. Mix turmeric powder(be sure it is pure ) and lime juice. And apply on your face for 15 minutes. After that rinse your face and you can clean your face with milk or milk cream or use gram flour cleaning as turmeric leaves yellow colour on your face.
5. Orange peels and milk cream homemade facial bleach:-
Orange also is a good natural bleach as it is citrus fruit and contain anti-oxidants. Take some grinded orange peel powder and mix it with fresh milk cream. Apply on face, wait for 20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water. Milk is also a known skin lightening agent.
6. Carrot and lime juice herbal facial bleach:-
Note a recepie of a very effective herbal facial bleach. Make the paste of carrot and coriander. Squash the juice of tomato. Take some lime juice and mix all the ingredients. You can also mix a few drops of milk in it. This is a very effective herbal homemade facial bleach.

All the above herbal homemade bleaches are safe to use. You can bleach your face once in a week using all the above herbal homemade bleaches. For sensitive skin keep the quantity of lime quite low as it can cause some irritation instead you can increase the quantity of honey. But for quick results chemical bleaching is the only option for lightening the colour of facial hair and whitening the facial skin. Do it with full precaution and procedures. It will not do any harm if used occasionally.

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