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Constipation is common problem now a days. About 80% of people are suffering from constipation now a days. Constipation for a long time gives birth to many diseases as it produces toxins which paves its ways into bloodstream. It is very necessary to treat constipation. Home remedies are very effective in the treatment of constipation. Following are some simple and easy to do home remedies for treating constipation.
1. Drink a glass of warm milk at night before going to bed. This is a very effective home remedy for constipation.
2. In the morning drink a glass of warm water

with lemon juice in it. It treats every type of constipation.
3. Isabgol or Psyllium husk is a very good laxative. It is an inert laxative, not observed by the body and is very good home remedy for constipation. Take one or two tablespoon of isabgol husk with milk at night and your bowels are cleared in the morning.
4. Among fruits bael fruit as considered as best of laxative. It is the best homemade remedy for long term constipation. Take it raw for two to three months daily.
5. Guava is also very beneficial in constipation. Eating one or two guava with seeds clears the bowel easily.
6. Among fruits grapes and oranges helps in treating constipation. Eating them daily relives constipation.
7. If grapes are not available raisins works as a good home remedy for constipation.  Raisins should be soaked overnight and eaten as a first thing in the morning with water in which they have been soaked. It is a very effective home remedy for constipation.
8. Taking papaya empty stomach in the morning for few days relives constipation completely.
9. Taking one or two apples daily also help as a cure for constipation. In fact all the fruits except banana and jack fruit are helpful in curing constipation.
10. In vegetables spinach is the most beneficial home remedy for constipation. Taken raw or as a juice or soup will also help. It cleans, reconstruct

and regenerate the intestinal tact.
11. Honey is a natural and easy to use laxative. Taking one teaspoon several times a day will help in curing constipation.
12. Castor oil can also be taken for constipation. This home remedy gives an immediate relief from constipation. Take one or two teaspoon of castor oil and it will lubricate the entire digestive system and bowels will be cleared.
13. Methi or Fenugreek seeds have many healing properties. Soak methi seeds at night in water and chew them in the morning. It will help curing constipation and diabetes as well.
14. Taking three to four glasses of warm water daily early in the morning empty stomach cures constipation permanently if done regularly.
15. Take half cup of cabbage juice two times a day is a very good home remedy to get relief from constipation.
16. Eating dates with milk also relives constipation.
17. Another good and very easy home remedy for constipation is drinking water kept in the copper vessel over night early in the morning.
18. Almond oil also relieves constipation. It can be taken as one or two tablespoon with milk at night.
19. Mix the juice of carrot with spinach juice in equal quantities. Drink one cup of the juice daily and get cured from constipation.
20. Aloevera gel one or two table spoon in a day relives from constipation.
21. Mix 1/2 cup olive oil with 1/2 cup orange juice. It is a very good home remedy for constipation.
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