Laser Hair Removal Vs Electrolysis Hair Removal

Permanent hair removing methods for removing facial and body hairs are becoming very popular now a days. Laser hair removal and electrolysis hair removal are the two widely used methods for removing facial and body hair. Though laser technology is latest and not painful. Still electrolysis has some advantage over laser hair removal. Here is a comparison between both hair removal treatments.

1.Permanent hair removal:-Electrolysis removes the hair permanently , so that it they never grow back. There is no 100% guarantee but 60% to 70% of hairs don’t grow back.  Laser hair removal provides a semi-permanent and long-lasting hair

removal(at least 6 months). Some clinic’s give guarantee of 100% hair removal  by laser treatment after giving proper sittings.

2. Electrolysis hair removal is quite painful as needle is inserted into the hair follicle to destroy the hair completely. Laser hair removal is a non surgical hair removing method. During  laser hair removal  the laser beams, being of very high focused energy agitate thermally the bulbs of the hair follicle and destabilize it. Thus electrolysis hair removal is more painful.

3. Laser hair removal treats larger area as it treats more than one hair at a time. In electrolysis hair’s are removed one by one.

4. Blonde, white or gray hairs are less

responsive to laser treatments and sometimes cannot be treated as the the laser beams react with a pigment in the skin called Melanin present in the bulb which is less not present in white hairs. But in Electrolysis colour of the hair is not the consideration. So only option for blonde, white or grey hair is Electrolysis hair treatment.

5. Patients with darker pigmentation also not get well response to laser hair removal treatment. Again Electrolysis hair removal is the better option.

4. The numbers of sittings in electrolysis hair removal is more than that of laser hair removal.

5. Electrolysis hair removal is costlier in comparison with laser hair removal.

6. In both the hair removal methods the skin get affected and can become. After Laser hair removal treatment you have to use sun screen after hair removal.

Try the methods which suits you and enjoy permanent long lasting hair removal.

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