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There is a general perception that meditation means to empty your mind from all the thoughts. But it is only partially true. Meditation actually means to minimize and manage thoughts, i.e. to increase the percentage of positive thoughts and remove waste and negative thoughts from our mind. Mind is actually a platform where thoughts come and go. Rajyoga Meditation is the process in which our mind is trained to create positive and necessary thoughts only.
While practising rajyoga mediation our whole perception towards life is changed. Today we are all body-conscious i.e. we think our-self as a body. Rajyoga meditation

changes our perception from body –consciousness to soul consciousness and God consciousness, by changing our thought pattern. It takes out the deep and inner memory of the basic state and virtues of soul. During meditation we first have to withdraw our attention from all outer circumstances and directs in towards inner self.
Every human being has a spiritual energy which has the virtues of purity, peace, love, happiness and happiness without dependency. Rajyoga meditation makes us aware of this energy and thus provides us with the inner strength necessary for change. Meditation helps us to work on ourselves rather than thinking about external situation. Meditation changes our attitude and we concentrate on being the solution to the problem rather than being the part of the problem.
To change one’s behaviour also on should learn to change the thoughts. Thoughts are the sprouts of our actions. This all can be done by learning rajyoga meditation.

Here is a simple

meditation technique which can be done daily to experience the benefits of meditation.

1. The first step while doing any type of meditation is to sit in a comfortable and peaceful place and relax your body.
2. After that you should try to withdraw your attention from the outside world and also from your body.
3. Think yourself as a soul a twinkling star between the eyebrows and your body as cloths you are wearing.
4. As a soul you are very peaceful and loving. Rays of peace and love are radiating from you in the atmosphere.
5. Now experience as if you are before the supreme soul (God) and are receiving rays of peace and love and whatever spiritual quality you want to increase in yourself.
6. You are absorbing the rays of peace and love as a sponge.
7. Experience as if you are full of the spiritual virtues of love peace etc.
8. Remain in this awareness of yourself as a soul while doing actions and while interacting with others.

Try the above simple meditation technique daily for few days and experience the difference in your attitude. Rajyoga meditation changes our thought pattern. Rajyoga meditation changes our whole perception of life and happiness. It changes our focus from outward to inward and from taking to giving.

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