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The reason for obesity is in taking more than required calories. The extra calories are not burned and they store in our body as fat. The way to lose weight starts with being emotionally prepared to break ones bad habits. And that requires a strong will power. So first we will focus on increasing will power to fight with obesity and lose weight quickly by following simple meditation technique.

1. Visualize yourself as a soul, separate from the body sitting between the eyebrows.
2. Visualize if you are in front of God who is also a sparkling star a soul like

you with unlimited power.
3. Rays of power is coming from God to you the soul. You are absorbing the rays as a sponge.
4. Your will power is increasing..
5. You feel if you are united with the ocean of power. Your self control have increased.
6. Your determination to lose weight is increasing.
7. Now feel if you are becoming light in weight. Feel if you are flying.
8. Try to stay with this thought for a while.

Do this meditation daily for 5 to 10 minutes early in the morning. This will definitely increase your will power to lose weight and fight obesity.

The second step in fighting with obesity  is to change your daily routine habits. In it also there are two steps. First is to take less intake of fat. And second is to burn the extra calories both are essential to fight obesity and lose weight quickly.

We will first take controlling our eating habits. Following are the basic changes that are a must if you want to lose weight permanently.
1. Intake water as much as you can. Immediately after waking up in the morning drink 4 glasses of water. Start with one and gradually increase. In a day you should drink 10 to 12 glasses of water . This is the first step to lose weight
2. Avoid junk food and oily food if you really want

to lose weight. Prefer bread instead of burger and chapatti instead of parantha.
3. Less intake of salt also helps in fighting obesity.
4. Include raw fruits and vegetables(salad) in breakfast and lunch is a must.
5. In snacks try to eat low fat fruits(apple,pear,orange) instead of junk fruits and biscuits. Biscuits have very large intake of fat. Instead of biscuits you can have rusk.
6. Drink low fat milk.
7. Avoid the intake of sweets and sugar. Avoiding sugar and oil helps a lot for losing weight.
8. Strictly avoid alcohol and soft drinks. They are very big source of extra calories and must to avoid if you want to lose weight.
9. Avoid emotional eating. Before eating anything always ask yourself for the reason. It will help you a lot in fighting obesity

Next step is to burn the extra calories that have already made room in your body. Here are some necessary steps that must be included in your routine if you want to lose weight.

1. There is no alternative of  physical exercise for fighting obesity. Start doing physical exercise daily. In beginning start from 5 to 10 minutes and take the time to half an hour gradually.
2. If possible join some yoga classes or gym.
3. Avoid using vehicle for short distances instead prefer walking.
4. Try to include doing small house hold work yourself. In addition to losing weight it will also boost your confidence and make relationships happier.
5. Try to increase the speed of walking and doing household work. This is very easy step towards losing weight as it requires no extra effort to fight obesity

If you want to lose weight permanently than you have to adopt the above habits permanently. There is no shortcut to lose weight. But once you adopt the healthy habits and by paying a little attention you can cure obesity permanently.

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