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“Stress is natural and has a positive part to play in our present day life”
This false belief that we have acquired is the main reason behind our laziness for doing inner work to remove the unnecessary burden of stress in our lives. It is the unfortunate consequence of our education. Therefore most of us belief that some stress is good. But this is not true. With little attention on our thoughts and feeling we can manage stress and lead to a more peaceful and prospers life. Following are the steps to be taken for managing stress
1. As discussed

above the first step for managing stress is breaking the wrong belief that stress is natural. Actually all the feelings and emotions that come are our own creations rather than automatic response of the situation. This point can be proven by the fact that the response of two different people for the same situation is different. The difference comes because the predispositions and the upbringing of both persons. This results in difference in their thought pattern . Hence different stress level.
2. The next most important step for managing stress is accept the things as they are. Don’t try to control the situation which are not under your control. Particularly the behaviour of other people. Every person is responsible for their own behaviour don’t take this responsibility.
3. Accept the fact that everyone in this world is imperfect. People do make mistakes. Don’t be angry and revengeful. Just forgive and move on.
4. If we want to change our self we have to take responsibility of our thoughts and feelings. Our destiny begins in our own head. Be ready for inner work.It is a must for managing stress

Now we will try to analyze our thoughts that are responsible for stress. The two main emotions that give birth to stress are fear and anger.These emotions stimulate the production of certain addictive chemicals in our body. Some people get addict to these emotions and feel if something is missing when they don’t get the dose of these emotions. First we will discuss fear

Fear: - Fear of what will happen next and if it happened than what next. The unnecessary thought pattern of what will happen next is the main reason behind stress. Always keep in mind that everything in this world happens for good. Take every situation as a challenge .If you are successful you are heading towards a better life. Do it and experience it. Second thing our destiny begins in our head. What we think comes before us . If we generate negative thoughts so will our life. And if we generate positive thoughts vice –versa. Generating thoughts as I said above is in our own hands.

Anger: -Can anger be controlled ? Yes but you have to be ready for inner work. Secondly from outside we sometimes control it by shutting our mouth but what happens in our inner self is the major reason behind stress. Anger is also a habit. Take responsibility. Don’t blame others for making you angry. First step in controlling anger is start observing your thoughts as you become angry. You will find that anger starts with irritation. Now

why irritation. Because we have made certain predispositions about a person or a situation. Try to leave the past. Try to detach yourself from the situation. Feel if you are watching the situation. You will definitely feel the improvement.
If you control your fear and anger your stress level will definitely come down.
Next we will talk about the most important step for controlling all the above emotions that is by increasing our inner strength. We can increase our internal strength by meditation. Meditation develops the power to be more alert and effective in our interaction with others .This helps in stress management automatically.

Technique for meditaion
• Each morning make an appointment with yourself for 10 to 20 minutes.
• Sit comfortably upright on the floor or in a chair.
• Withdraw your attention from all sights and sounds and start observing your own thoughts.
• Gradually your thoughts will slow down and you will begin to feel more peaceful. After that create one thought, about yourself for example, "I am a peaceful soul." Hold that thought ; visualize yourself as being peaceful and quiet.
• Stay in the awareness of this thought as long as you can. Do not suppress other thoughts. Just watch them and pass by and return to your own created thought.
• Next think of the Supreme Soul(God), who is the ocean of peace, bliss, love and so on. Think yourself as receiving all these virtues from Him.
• Acknowledge the positive feelings and thoughts, which may spring directly from this thought and appreciate them
Stay with these feelings as long as you can. Finish the meditation by closing the eyes for a few seconds and create complete silence in your mind.
Practice the above meditation technique for a few days and watch your stress level going down . As internal strength is greatly increased it greatly helps in stress management.
Taking a brake from your daily routine for one minute 8 times a day. Then remind yourself that you are the master of your thoughts. Create the thought that you are a peaceful soul and taking power of peace from the supreme soul. After one minute come back to your work. This technique greatly reduces your stress. As the information you are feeding for that minute several times a day gradually changes your thinking pattern and wrong Predispositions.
Practice the above techniques(you can create your own thoughts) for a month and observe the difference. Your stress level will shoot down steeply
The most important thing in stress management is to change the belief that stress is natural and a little stress is necessary and positive.

Stop stressing start living.

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