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Shocked! Have you ever heard of the term diet plan for mind. You must be thinking that what is the meaning of diet plan for mind and moreover what is the need for a diet plan for mind. The diet for mind is of course thoughts that we create in our mind. Our mind is a platform where we create our thoughts. And what is happening in our life is directly proportional to what thoughts we are creating in our mind. The basic thing is that our thoughts are our creations and on our thoughts depends our destiny. So diet

plan for mind means to control both the quality and quantity of our thoughts. And it should be our first priority if we want to lead a happy and prosperous life.
In one minute our mind creates about 30 thoughts and in one hour 1800 thoughts are created in our mind. On the quality of our thoughts our mood, behaviour and finally our destiny depends.
There are four types of thoughts that are created in our mind.
Waste thoughts
Necessary Thoughts
Negative thoughts
Positive Thoughts
Waste thoughts:- The thoughts that arise at untimely moments and fill us with worry are called waste thoughts. They are of no use. Waste thoughts are fast and repetitive. They waste our energy and decreases our concentration. The origin of negative thoughts is in waste thoughts itself. For example unnecessary worry about future like what will happen? How will it happen ? What will I do if something happened . These all are waste thoughts.
Necessary thoughts:- The thoughts which are related with our daily routine are called necessary thoughts. For example what dress will I wear today? They come to our mind according to our responsibilities and needs. If thoughts are repeated again and again they become waste thoughts.
Negative Thoughts:- The thoughts of lust, anger, resentment, ego, greed are called the negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are always harmful to us. They reduces our peace as well as inner strength. They poison our mind and as well our body. Negative thoughts weaken us and reduces our energy.
Positive thoughts :- Positive thoughts are those which inculcate virtues of peace, love , bliss, happiness etc in us and as well as others. Positive thinking increases our inner strength. Positive thoughts makes you happy. Thus your expectations from others decreases and acceptance towards the situation and person increases. This results in better relationships. You can overcome the situations in your life more effectively. Positive thoughts also makes your body healthier as when you are happy you are less susceptible to illness. If your mind is healthy your personality too become balanced.
As mentioned earlier diet of mind are thoughts i.e. thoughts are in a way food for our mind. if we want to live a happy and peaceful life we must have diet plan for our thoughts. As thoughts are the food for mind the quality of our life depends on the quality and quantity of our thoughts. The more positive thoughts we have the more will be our energy level. The more the energy level the happier will be our life. In the thoughts other than positive necessary thoughts can’t be avoided and they will and should come until we are alive. But waste and negative thoughts
must be controlled as they harm our behaviour as well as our destiny. We should try increase positive thoughts as much as we can. But the question is how to increase positive thoughts and decrease negative and waste thoughts?  Following are the few steps that will help you in increasing your positive thoughts.

1. The very first thing you must do is start writing the thoughts which are coming to your mind on a paper. This way you can analyse the quality of your thoughts and you will see that most of the thoughts are waste and of no use. Make it a practice and do it daily for few minutes. Gradually you will become aware of your thoughts and the thoughts which you think as waste will start decreasing.
2. Second step is start practising traffic control for your thoughts. Do this for one minute in an hour. What you have to do is that stop your work  for one minute and start observing your thoughts. See if they are necessary and worth coming. Of not reject them and start working again. This practice will definitely reduce the quantity of waste and negative thoughts.
3. Other than these two steps the basic thing you have to do is change your perception in life. Held yourself responsible for everything that is happening in your life. This is the first way in changing our lives. Don’t expect others to change, change yourself.
4. Accept people and situations as they are. Don’t blame them for your pain in life. This way you can control your negative thoughts and feelings.
5. Try to increase your spiritual energy by doing this simple meditation techniques daily in the morning.

Technique for meditation
• In the morning make an appointment with yourself for 10 to 20 minutes.
• Sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair.
• Withdraw your attention from all sights and sounds and start observing your own thoughts.
• Gradually your thoughts will slow down and you will begin to feel more peaceful. There after create one thought about yourself for example, "I am a peaceful soul." Hold that thought ; visualize yourself as being peaceful and quiet.
• Stay in the awareness of this thought as long as you can. Do not try to suppress other thoughts. Just watch them and pass by than return to your own created thought.
• Next think of the Supreme Soul(God), who is the ocean of peace, bliss, love and so on. Think yourself as receiving all these virtues from the supreme soul.
• Acknowledge the positive feelings and thoughts, which may spring directly from this thought and appreciate them.
Stay with these feelings as long as you can. Finish the meditation by closing the eyes for a few seconds and create complete silence in your mind.

Do all the above techniques for quarter of a month. This diet plan for your mind will change the quality of your thoughts . Keep a strict watch on your thoughts. They creates your destiny.

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