What Is Depression | Cure Depression Through Meditation

What is depression ? The most commonly heard word now a days. Depression is a syndrome that reflects a strong mood which involves sadness, irritation, hopelessness or discouragement that can last few days, months or longer.
Symptoms like feeling sad, tensed, frightened, nervous ,fast beating of heart etc are experienced by all of us. But when the intensity and duration of these symptoms increases it takes the shape of depressive disorder.
The only way that helps us to come out completely of this minor and major “neurotic illness” (depression) is meditation.
First of all we have to explore the root

cause of depression. Now a days we can see that almost every person is suffering from some or other symptoms of depression. We can find the answer and the treatment of depression only when we consider ourselves as a soul(a point of light  residing between the eyebrows) and not the body. We are not the body but use our body to do day to today work. When a person dies i.e. the body stops functioning(dies)  then the soul changes the costume i.e. it gets a new body of a child. And by taking birth after birth the energy of the soul depletes. It gets irritated, sad, frightened on little things and when these intensity of these symptoms increases it takes the shape of depression. So the solution to the problem i.e. treatment of depression lies in its cause only. We(the soul) have to increase our energy(spiritual).
How to increase our spiritual energy.
The only source of spiritual energy is supreme soul(God). God (also a point of light) is the source of unlimited spiritual energy. By connecting with him through meditation our spiritual energy is increased. When we feel full within  we automatically came out of the depression. And one can see the result with the very first day.
First of all write down all the symptoms of depression which are experienced by you.  After that  try to pinpoint the cause of depressive disorder. While meditating, use the  rays of light

and might received from the Supreme (God) to remove suppressed dissatisfaction with self and others. At the end of the meditation, generate positive thoughts to relieve the neurotic symptoms.
Following is the meditation technique to increase our spiritual energy and cure depression

The best time to meditate is early in the morning. Start meditation from ten to fifteen minutes and increase the time gradually. First of all choose a peaceful place where you can sit comfortably. Now generate following thoughts in your mind.
1. Feel as if you are sitting completely relaxed and comfortable
2. Become aware of the thoughts passing in your mind.
3. Think yourself as a tiny star situated between the eyebrows
4. Think yourself as a point of light different from the body and radiating light.
5. Create one thought as I am a peaceful soul and try to hold on this thought for as long as you can.
6. Next think of the supreme soul who is also the point of light and ocean of love, peace, power etc.
7. Think as if you are in front of the supreme soul and rays of love , peace ,power, wisdom is coming from God to you.
8. Now feel as if you are soaking all the powers as a sponge.
9. Now remember any dissatisfaction of self or others and feel that positive and powerful rays from God is coming towards you and all the dissatisfactions are dissolving.
10. Now feel that you are full of the spiritual energy and spiritual qualities.
11. Start  radiating all these qualities in your surroundings.
You can also practice the above meditation technique when you are feeling low and you can see the effect immediately. After a few days your depression will be all gone and you will say What is depression?

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