Cure Physical Disease Through Meditation Technique

The root cause of any physical disease in the body is actually(except in the case of accidents) not physical but spiritual. So curing physical disease is at its basics is the matter of spirituality. By certain specific meditation techniques we can  cure physical disease properly and of course free of cost. It may take some time. But everything depends on the level of one’s effort and proper meditation technique.
The health of a person depends on energy a body is receiving from the soul. We are a soul and not the body. We the soul nourishes and empower the body

to use the body for livelihood. Without a body a soul (we) can’t do anything. So the body is required by the soul to do each and every action. The condition of the body depends  upon the quality of the soul . For a healthy respiratory system quality of peace is responsible. A well functioning gastrointestinal system depends upon the quality of joy. The quality of love is responsible for the proper functioning of circulatory system, purity for immune system and the five senses ,bliss for endocrine system, for brain and nervous system knowledge and for muscular and skeleton system it’s the quality of power.
<b>Meditation technique</b> :-  Let’s take an example. If anyone’s immune system is weak . It means that energy related to the virtue of purity is weak or disturbed. To  increase the strength of immune system the following is the technique
1. Sit relaxed and comfortably. Start observing your breathing.
2. After that start observing your thoughts. When you start observing, the thoughts will slow down.
3. Now think yourself as soul(different from the body), a sparkling star at the centre of the forehead.
4. Feel as if you are leaving this world and going to the abode of God , up leaving behind the stars and galaxies.
5. Now feel that you have come to a place of

golden red light. It is peaceful place where you are at complete peace.
6. Now think as if you are  in front of the source of unlimited  powers i.e.  God.
7. God is also a star radiating golden red light.
8. Feel if rays of purity is coming from God to yourself.
9. You are soaking those rays. Your soul is becoming pure and pure.
10. Think that as you are the son of the supreme soul the quality of purity is inherent in you. You are as pure as your father is.
11. Now the you are radiating  the rays of purity in all the directions.
12. You the soul is filled with purity.
13. Now try to stay with this thought as long as possible.
14. Now feel that you have left that place and come back to your seat i.e. centre of the forehead.

After this exercise you will empowered and relaxed. Do this meditation technique daily for at least 10 to 15 minutes early in the morning and in the evening . If you want to cure physical disease at the earliest than increase the meditation time. In addition to it you should try to remain pure physically(avoid intercourse with your spouse)and mentally. As purity is the first quality that God has given to the soul. Intercourse is the main reason for the leakage of the souls energy(which is the root cause of physical disease).
Thus if we want that all the parts of our body should function normally. If we want to be physically and mentally healthy . If we want to cure physical disease permanently. We can do it by maintaining and repairing our spiritual health. For which we can use the above meditation techniques.

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