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Mind’s main function is to produce thoughts. Thoughts are the seeds of actions and experience. Our mind works constantly.  We produce  thirty to forty  thousand thoughts in a day. The thoughts  vibrations  are the energy we produce. It can’t be seen but its physical and non physical impact is very influential.  Our mental and physical health depends 90% on the thoughts that we create.  And the collective effect of all the thoughts create the social economic and political environment of a place. So managing thoughts can have a very positive effect in our day today life.
The type of energy

depends on the type of thoughts.   Positive thoughts produce positive energy and negative thoughts produce negative energy.
The thoughts control our present and future. The more control we have on our  thoughts the happier and freer we will be and same for the future. When we have the power of managing and controlling  thoughts  and  feeling, we can choose how to react to different people and situations that comes in our life. The thoughts are of following  types.
1. Necessary thoughts
2. Waste thoughts
3. Negative thoughts
4. Positive thoughts
Necessary thoughts:- These thoughts are those which are necessary for our daily routine e.g. what is my telephone number ?, time to go to office. These thoughts comes to our mind as per as our needs and responsibilities. When these thoughts are repeated they became waste thoughts.
Waste thoughts:-Waste thoughts are thoughts that are  produced unnecessarily at untimely moments. They are of no use. They fill us with worry and anxiety. These thoughts are about things we can’t change or worries about future. These thoughts decreases our ability to concentrate. These thoughts  weaken and exhaust us.
Negative thoughts: Negative thoughts are the thoughts which are harmful for us. They disturb our peace and weaken one’s inner strength. Negative thoughts rises from our inner weaknesses such as greed, lust , ego, anger  etc. If these thoughts are repeated they hamper our both mental and physical health.
Positive thoughts:- The thoughts which gives us  happiness, peace, love etc are called the positive thoughts. They increases our inner strength. They make us constructive. Positive thinking involves recognizing the problem and solving it without confusion. This requires common sense and patience. Thinking positively means to pay attention only towards the positive characteristics of a person. As a

result of positive thinking your expectations from other person decreases.  This makes you happy. You do not expect love, recognition and  respect from others. This makes your relationship much easier.

Managing thoughts :-If we want to control our lives, we must learn  to manage thoughts. If we have control  over  ourselves we no longer will try to control others . And as a result can influence other people positively.
For this we must learn to live through negative situations without allowing them to influence our mental and emotional stage. Following are some of the basic techniques.
1. Instead of taking any situation as a obstacle we should change our perception  and take it as a challenge to practice patience and tolerance.
2. Situation in itself  does not create pain and stress. It is our way of handling and perceiving the situation which brings unhappiness. We have to change this wrong belief that situation or other person can harm us. Only after that we will try to come out of the habit of blaming other s for our discomfort and pain.
3. We should detach ourselves from the situation and start observing it so that we could have a wider perception of the situation.
4. We should develop the habit of observing our thoughts. So that we can check the quality of thoughts. This is the first stage for controlling the thoughts.
5. Whenever we observe the presence of a negative or waste thought we should stop at once and tell the mind the negative effects of such thoughts. Reminding the mind every time the harmful effects of unnecessary and negative thoughts in very much essential to break the cycle.
6. Power of thoughts makes our present as well as future. Negative thoughts are weak and feeble. They decreases our energy level. And our future became insecure. Reminding our selves this fact daily in the morning and try to generate positive thoughts for 5 to 10 minutes helps a lot.
Thus just by  managing thoughts we can lead to a happy, tension free, healthy and prosperous life.

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I am a working woman and writes for expertscolumn.

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