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Sunburn is caused by  overexposing of your skin to the sun . Sunburn  damages the skin. It causes early aging and excessive sun burn can lead to skin cancer . Sunburn makes the skin red and dry. It can also cause pain and irritation. Following  are some home remedies for sunburn relief.

  1. First of all dink a lots of water . It helps in offsetting the swelling and dehydration which are caused by over exposure to sun.

  2. Next as always recommended take a bath of cool water(not ice cold). You can add baking soda, oat meals

or sandalwood. Chamomile and lavender oil can also added to the water for the soothing effect after the sunburn.

  3. Avoid using soap and pat dry your skin instead of rubbing.

  4. Now for extra painful spots of sunburn you can use slices of cucumber and potato to gently rub the area. This is a very effective home remedy for sunburn relief as cucumber and potato contains compounds that cool the burn.

  5. Applying cool compresses to the sunburn area is also recommended you can also use cool tea bags on the affected area to heal the sunburn.

  6. Vinegar also helps in healing pain itching and inflammation caused due to sun burn. Apply vinegar by soaking it in

sheets of paper towel. Leave it until dry and then repeat the process as needed and get relief from sunburn.

  7. Appling aloevera gel is the most accepted home remedy for relief in sunburn. Aloevera has wonderful medical properties especially for sunburn relief.

  8.Essential oils such as sandalwood, lavender and chamomile can used as home remedy for sunburn. They gives relief in treating pain linked to sun burn . You should add 20 drops of each in your bathtub and soak the burnt part for 20 minutes in it. .
 9.You can apply milk on the burnt part with a dab of cotton. Milk has proven to be very effective in home remedy in sunburn.

 10.To reduce the redness and inflammation you can also use lavender essential oil. You should mix 5 drops of lavender essential oil and 10 ml wheat germ oil. After that apply on the effective area. It is very effective and give sunburn relief immediately


The sunburn is completely healed only with time in the lap of mother nature. However you can minimise the effect of sunburn by using the above home remedies for sunburn relief.

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