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Hair fall is the most common beauty problem now a days. The age limit for hair fall has decreased and people are also now suffering from hair fall at much young age. The main reason behind is the life style of younger generation. Lack of healthy diet, stress and use of harmful hair products are the most effective factors hair loss. But for every problem there is a solution. And we have a lot of natural home remedies for  hair fall control. In addition to healthy diet and avoiding harmful hair products you can use following home remedies for controlling 

hair fall.

  1. Hot oil massage is the best home remedy for preventing hair loss. Apply hot coconut oil mixed with lime juice at night on alternate days. And wash it next morning. This will reduce hair fall and make roots of hair strong. It will also cure dandruff.
  2. Almond oil or olive oil hot massage is also very helpful in hair fall control for dry hairs. It will stimulate the hair follicles and hair growth.
  3. Neem oil is great for hairs. Applying it regularly prevents hair loss , stops greying of hair as well as prevents hair from lice and dandruff.
  4. Massage with lavender oil 3 to 4 times a week. It promotes hair growth significantly.
  5. Amla oil is the best home remedy for hair fall prevention. It can be prepared at home by boiling dried amla in coconut oil. It is a very good and simplest hair tonic. It prevents hair loss as well as check greying of hair.
  6. Boil 100 grams of henna leaves in 250 grams of mustard oil. It is very useful home remedy for hair loss.
  7. Use alovera juice or gel for massaging your hairs. It is a excellent home remedy for hair fall. Also it nourishes dry hairs  and make them smooth and silky.
  8. Another home remedy for hair fall control as well as dry hairs is the mixture of honey and egg yolk. Apply the mixture on your hairs and see the difference. For the pungent smell of egg you can wash your hairs with a spoon of vinegar in a mug of water. It will also condition your hairs.
  9. Goose berries are also very effective in reducing hair fall. In a cup of milk soak a handful of gooseberries for about two hours. Apply on your scalp and hair by making the paste for one hour. After that wash with cold water.
  10. Never use very hot or very cold water for washing your hairs. It can damage your hair as well as scalp.
  11. Soak the fenugreek seeds overnight in water. In the morning apply on hair for an hour and wash with mild shampoo. It will reduce hair fall as well as change the texture of your hair from dry to smooth and silky.
  12. Simply applying egg yolk to your hair. Massage your hair with egg yolk and leave it for half an hour. This will definitely help in controlling  hair fall as well as act as an excellent conditioner. Again apply a spoon of vinegar in a mug of water after washing the hairs for removing the pungent smell.
  13. Another effective home remedy for reducing hair fall is use of gram flour and coconut milk. Soak gram flour in coconut milk. Apply on the scalp. Leave for an hour. Wash with cold water.
  14. Take dried amla, reetha and sikakai. Soak them in water overnight. Next morning boil them and filter the water. Wash your hair with this water. This is an old and tested homemade remedy for all your hair problems.
  15. Mix black pepper powder in yogurt and apply on the scalp for an hour. This is a wonderful hair tonic and helps in reducing hair fall. It is good for dry hairs too.
  16. Soak fenugreek seeds in yogurt overnight. Grind the mixture and apply on hair. Very effective home remedy for hair fall.
  17. You can also try homemade shampoo. Apply the mixture of yogurt(1/2 cup),lemon juice(1tblsp),and raw gram powder(cholia) (2tblsp) on the hair for half an hour and then wash the hairs with cold water.
  18. Neem leaves are also very effective in reducing hair fall. Boil the leaves in water for 15 minutes and wash your hairs with this water.
  19. Take olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil. Heat them with camphor ball. apply on scalp and massage. Very effective home remedy for hair fall. It will also make your hair silky and shiny.
  20. After washing your hairs take hot towel team steam for 5 minutes.
  21. Take coconut oil and boil Indian goose berries in it. Strain it and apply regularly on your hair. It will reduce hair fall and promote thick hair growth.
  22. Boil dried amla in coconut
    oil. It a simplest and best hair tonic. Regular application on hair will reduce hair fall as well as check premature greying of hair too.
  23. Mixture of amla juice and lemon juice when applied regularly prevents hair loss effectively.
  24. Another good home remedy for hair fall control is the application of juice of green coriander leaves on the scalp.
  25. Boil 100 grams of henna leaves in 500 grams of mustered oil. Very effective home remedy for  controlling hair fall.
  26. Application of coconut milk regularly also prevents hair loss to an extend.
  27. Applying the paste of lime seeds and black pepper on the scalp is a good home remedy for hair loss.
  28. Hot olive oil, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and honey when applied as a paste on scalp for 15 minutes act as an effective home remedy for hair fall.
  29. Mixture of alovera gel and triphla powder is also a good remedy for hair loss.
  30. Make a mixture of egg yolk , 5 tblsp pf olive oil and a tblsp of lemon juice. Add all the integrants  for at least half a minute. Massage on the scalp and then leave for half an hour. After that wash the hairs with mild shampoo. It is a very effective natural home remedy for hair loss as well as makes the hair smooth and silky.
  31. Arnica is a great herb for preventing hair loss. Apply the paste of arnica leaves regularly on the hair and see the results. It increases  the blood circulation and promotes hair growth.
  32. Mix two parts of rosemary oil and one part of almond oil and massage regularly for 15 minutes. Very good natural home remedy to prevent hair loss.
  33. After washing your hairs simply massage your scalp with your finger tips. This will prevent hair loss as it will increase blood circulation.
  34. Always take proper sleep. As sleep disorder is a major cause of hair loss.
  35. Avoid stress don’t think too much. Stress is the cause of hair loss in younger age.
  36. A good way for preventing hair loss is to take a healthy diet. Protein rich diet is very essential for hair growth.
  37. Zinc, calcium and vitamin  B are very essential for hair growth. So take a diet which is rich in calcium zinc and vitamin B like pulses, brown rice and banana.
  38. In take daily the mixture of lettuce juice and spinach juice. This is a very good natural home remedy to prevent hair fall.
  39. Taking a teaspoon of amla powder with water daily cures all the hair problems and effectively prevents hair loss.
  40. Drinking more and more water also prevents hair loss.
  41. Taking vitamin B complex along with iron and and zinc capsule will also help if hair fall is due to deficiency of above.
  42. Poor nutrition absorption can also be the cause of hair loss due to deficiency of nutrients. So always pay attention to your digestive system and keep it healthy to prevent hair loss.
  43. Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits.
  44. Always comb with wide teeth comb to reduce hair fall.
  45. Always avoid application of harmful chemicals on your hair. These chemicals cause hair loss and make your hair rough and dry.
  46. Never comb roughly. Always untangle your hair from the end to upwards to prevent hair loss.
  47. Apply paste of onion on your scalp and massage. This is a good home remedy to prevent hair loss and also it checks grey hair.
  48. To prevent hair loss and also to prevent premature greying of hairs eat back seasame seeds daily.
  49. Regular application of tea tree oil for massaging the scalp is a natural home remedy for hair loss.
  50. Keep your hair short when  hair fall is at peak as they are less prone to hair fall.

All the above home remedies for hair fall control prevents hair fall naturally.

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  • rakshitachittora  04-08-2015
    hey i liked your article , you unrevealed the facts, with which i was unknown yet!! hairs are the essence of every human being because they truly defines a persons personality, they make us loong beautiful ,,,we look good in photographs and all other things !!! TAKING CARE OF OUR HAIR FROM NOW ON , WILL be recovered faster!!!,
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    Wow your article is so full of tips that I have to view it again and again to note down more tips. Awesome good tips. Oiling helps a lot I can tell from my own experience. I should do hot oil in right now I just do normal temperature oil but as you said hot oil is better I have to try that now. Thanks
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