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Graying of hair has become a common problem now a days. The starting age of Graying of hair has fallen and now a days this problem has become common in teenagers too. Main cause of premature gray hair is lack of nutrition from early age. Other causes are stress , chemical treatments , over exposure to sun etc. So the very first step to prevent Graying of hair is to take care of your diet. Following are some home remedies premature hair gray hair..
1. Add a lot of protein to your diet. Lean meat, soya , whole grains, eggs are rich source

of proteins.
2. Start in taking foods which are rich in iron, minerals and vitamin A and B. Bananas, green leafy vegetables, yogurt, sunflower seeds, eggs, beans etc should be added in your diet as they play an important role in determining the colour of your hair. This will prevent gray hair.
3. Avoid stress . Start doing simple relaxation exercises and meditation , find ways to relax and to relieve anxiety and stress . Stress is the major factor for premature hair Graying.
4. Drink a glass of wheat grass juice daily . A very effective home remedy for premature hair Graying.
5. Eating raw black sesame seeds daily with water empty stomach turns gray hair naturally black very soon.
6. Amla(Indian Gooseberry) is used from ancient times for grey hair and is the most reliable and effective home remedy for gray hair. Add a lot of amla in your diet. You can eat it in form of pickle or as sweetened dessert(murrabba). It can also be taken in powder form with water. You must add Indian Gooseberry in your daily diet, it will surely give very good results in period of a few months and prevent gray hair naturally at home.
7. Drink carrot juice daily to prevent gray hair.
8. Another very effective and tested home remedy for grey hair comprises of curry leaves. Add curry leaves in your diet daily. Curry leaves strengthens the hair roots and provide vitality to your hairs. This results in prevent graying of hair.
9. In addition to improving your diet, massaging the scalp with oil and other products for hairs also helps very much in strengthening and vitalizing hair roots. Massaging scalp also increases the quantity of pigments(melanin) responsible for determining the colour of your hair.
10. Take some dried amla(Indian gooseberry). Boil it in coconut oil till the dried amla turns to charred dust. Drain the oil. Massage your scalp with this darkish oil at night and wash next morning. This oil is very useful home remedy for gray hair.
11. You can also soak pieces of dry amla in water overnight in a vessel made of iron. Next morning boil the water, rinse and wash your hair with this water.
12. Another most commonly used and effective method for gray hair is the application of mehandi. But the after applying mehandi hair become rough. To overcome this problem you should add an egg in the paste you can also add two or three drops of oil if you are not comfortable with egg. Also mix a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of instant coffee for better shade and nourishment of hair. Regular application of henna checks premature hair graying.
13. Onion paste also provides very good nourishment to your hair. Apply it and wash after an hour and gray hair

will gradually become black.
14. Apply Durba(dub, a type of grass ) paste on hair and wash. Use daily and see the result.
15. Take a bowl of yogurt or curd and add half a teaspoon of black pepper . Apply on the scalp for an hour. It nourishes the roots of your hair and also make your hair smooth and silky. Hence very effective home remedy for premature hair graying.
16. Massage your scalp regularly with either butter(cow’s milk) or ghee(also made of cow’s milk). This will greatly prevents gray hair and also prevents hair fall to a great extend.
17. Another effective home remedy for gray hair is amaranth. Grind the leaves of this herb and apply on your scalp as a paste. Regular use of this herb helps them to retain their black pigment. It is also promotes hair growth and make them soft and silky.
18. Curry leaves can also be applied on hair to prevent gray hair. Boil curry leaves in coconut oil and massage with this oil regularly on your scalp to prevent gray hair naturally at home.
19. Daily massage of almond oil in night also helps in prevent grayning of hair.
20. Fenugreek seeds are also very beneficial for turning hair black. Eating fenugreek seeds sprouts helps in nourishing the hair internally. You can also apply fenugreek seeds paste on your scalp for half an hour and then wash your hair. Regular application of fenugreek seeds on scalp turns its colour to black and also make the hair silky. It is very good nourishment for dry hairs.
21. Neem oil is also very effective for all hair problems. It helps in turning grey hair black. It is also very useful in treatment of dandruff and lice.
22. Soak equal amount of amla, shikakai and reetha in water in a iron vessel at night. In the morning boil the water and rinse. Wash your hair with this water regularly. All your hair problems will be treated. Very effective home remedy fopremature hair graying.
23. Rub your fingernails together for 5 to 10 minutes to times daily. This increases blood circulation in the scalp. This results in strengthening of roots and hence treats premature Graying of hair.
24. Applying aswagandha (Indian ginsing) on your scalp. This increases the melanin content in your hair and thus prevents gray hair naturally at home.
25. Always cover your hair with cloth while going out in sun and heat. Use of blower for drying hair is also not recommended. Chemical treatment also damages the hair very much do should also be avoided.
Above home remedies for premature graying of hair are very effective. The treatment of gray hair needs patience and result will not come in a day. But consistent effort definitely yields results and definitely prevents gray hair naturally at home.

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